A place full of traditions and happiness

  • Sangolqui Nativity City

    NATIVITY CITY. Religious event developed in the Atrium of the church of Saint John the Baptist Church of Sangolqui and part of…

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  • Festivities of Corn and Tourism

    FESTIVITIES OF CORN AND TOURISM. In  the month of September, you can enjoy these festivities. One of the most relevant events of…

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  • Cantonization Festivities

    CANTONIZATION FESTIVITIES. Rumiñanui Canton celebrates its traditional festivities of cantonization in the month of May. Numerous cultural, social and sport events are…

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  • Carnaval

    CARNAVAL. For tradition, beautifully decorated parades are made held in this festivity. Cultural event characteristic for its joy and color. It is…

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  • Contest of años viejos

    CONTEST OF AÑOS VIEJOS. Traditional event held on December 31, every year. In which groups of relatives and friends participate. They gather…

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  • Easter Week

    EASTER WEEK. The city of Sangolqui is known for its deep Catholic faith. That is why in Holy Week a series of…

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Rumiñahui Canton, homeland of skilled artisans whose works are prized worldwide, is famous for the jewelry handicrafts which have gone through the international interest since our jewelers besides exporting finely finished jewelry, have performed important works in other countries as well. Artisans in hat craft, shoemaking, wax, carving in balsa and tailoring also stand out. These activities can be seen in the workshops located downtown Sangolquí. The medals and prizes that are given to famous people and important visitors to our country are made in those artisan workshops, on request of the National Government.