In Sangolqui, we can find a varied cuisine both from the Andean Region and the Coast. Particularly and fortradition, deliciousdishes are tasted, like: chickenbroth, yaguarlocro, fritada, treinta y uno, tortillas con caucara, librillo broth, yaguarlocro, fritada, caldo de treinta y uno, tortillas con caucara, caldo de librillo, ville, hominywith menudo, chicha de jora, amongothers.

The star food of the región is the hornado; the major retailing sites are found along General Enriquez Avenue, in the closed market of El Turismo, and in different places, specialized in the elaboration of this typical plate whose elaboration and fame dates back from about one hundred years ago. .This delicious dish has pork with pieces of crunchy skin, potato tortillas, hominy, avocado, fried corn and in some places it is accompanied by fried plantain. All this bathed in sour dressing that consists of chicha, sliced red onion, tomato, lettuce, hot pepper and parsley among other spices. It is important to notice that this dish has been tasted by famous national and foreign characters who have visited our canton and have been amazed with its singular and exquisite taste.

In the sector of SelvaAlegre, five minutes away from Sangolqui, we can taste the renowned roast Guiney pigs, which are retailed with steamed potatoes, peanut sauce, lettuce, tomato and avocado.