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Through the Territorial Division Law, Sangolqui is created as rural parish of Quito Canton at the end of the nineteenth century. This parish is elevated to the category of canton on May 31, 1938 with the name of “Rumiñahui”.



& Topography

Rumiñahui Canton is located in the southeast of the province of Pichincha, 20 minutes away from the city of Quito. Being as it is part of Los Chillos Valley, this canton is embraced by imposing volcanoes, and snow-capped mountains and moors of the oriental and occidental Cordillera of The Andes.


& Territory
The canton Rumiñahui with 132.78 km2, is the smallest land area of the province of Pichincha. It is conformed by Sangolquí, San Rafael, San Pedro de Taboada, Cotogchoa y Rumipamba.


According to the latest National Census of Population and Housing, executed by the INEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) in 2010, in Rumiñahui Canton inhabit approximately 106.548 habitants. The proper demonym of the zone is rumiñahuense.

The City with you


Privileged land, as it owns diverse and potential tourist attractions both in the urban and rural sectors. Besides, it has a great variety of wildlife and is crossed by crystalline rivers.
In the city, we can visit parks with imposing monuments, churches, museums and centennial homes, full of history and legend.

Its weather is fascinating and pleasant all year round. The average temperature is of 17 degrees centigrade.

Its main access roads are from the city of Quito, General Rumiñahui Highway, from the parish of Conocoto (Quito), Ilaló Avenue, from the parish of Tumbaco (Quito), Intervalles Avenue and Ilaló,and from the parish of Píntag (Quito). General Pintag Avenue, and from the parish of Amaguaña, Shyris Avenue.


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