Condor Machay Waterfall

In Quechua, it means “Nest of the Condor”. Located in the parish of Rumipamba, to the southeast of Rumiñahui Canton,  17 km away from the city of Sangolqui. The journey has beautiful and picturesque landscapes. The highest part offers a spectacular panorama of elevations that form part of the tourist route known as The Avenue of the Volcanoes.There are volcanoes such as Pichincha, Ilaló, Cotopaxi, Sincholagua, Rumiñahui, Pasochoa, Antisana, Cayambe, Ilinizas, Atacazo, Corazón, La Viudita, Quilindaña.

The current municipal administration, in order to give comfort and security to the tourists and visitors, has provided  this path with bridges designed in such away  not   to  break into   the   natural   environment.    The   directional     and informational signage placed at strategic locations can position us perfectly in place.

The route to this national sanctuary starts out in the place called La Caldera, upstream from the concrete bridge. We can enjoy a series of waterfalls,  of diverse shapes and height. The lush vegetation of the place, with forest of alisos, pumamauis, arrayanes, achupallas, suro, cedrillo, and orchids will astonish you. Species of mammals, birds and amphibians proper of the Andean region accompany during the journey. The crystalline waters of the river lets us glimpse trout in their natural state.

The imposing and capricious shapes of rock of the gunpoint invite to reflection making the visitor feel absorbed. The tourist will be able to rest peacefully in the areas destinated to camping amongst the whisper of the clean waters of the Pita River and the lulling song of the birds of the place The estimated time  of the journey is from 4 to 5 hours round trip.

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